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tlug: rxvt, Japanese input?

has anyone succeeded to input Japanese in rxvt?

I compiled rxvt 2.7.1 with

    ./configure --enable-everything --enable-languages --enable-xim

Now rxvt displays Japanese nicely, but I couldn't get the Japanese
input working.

The configure option `--enable-xim' is supposed to enable `XIM (X
Input Method) protocol support'. Therefore I thought it should be
possible to use it together with kinput2. I compiled
and installed kinput2-v3.1-alpha0 and started it with ~$ kinput2 -canna -xim

The cannaserver now lists kinput2 as a client: /usr/src$ /usr/local/canna/bin/cannastat
    Connected to unix
    Canna Server (Ver. 3.2)
    Total connecting clients 2
    mike         3   0    3   Fri 3  9:29am        0  22:32 nozomi(UNI mule      
    mike        10   0    2   Sat 4 11:12pm        0     28 localhost  kinput2   

As Manuel Chakravarty suggested in Craig Oda's Linux-Nihongo document,
I also bound a key to the key-symbol Kanji:

    xmodmap -e 'keycode 117 = Kanji'

(that's the Windows-Start-Menu-Key) and executed 

    export XMODIFIERS=""

in the shell. My .Xdefaults file contains:

    *inputMethod: xim
    *Canna.Cannahost:  localhost

But I still can't input Japanese into rxvt. Nothing happens when I
press Ctrl-Kanji, Kanji, or Shift-SPACE.

Maybe this works only with kterm and not with rxvt?

If so, then how does one start the conversion with rxvt?  The man-page
and the documentation files distributed with rxvt don't seem to
contain any information how to input Japanese.

I also tried to compile kterm 6.2.0 but got lots of compile errors and
gave up whereas rxvt compiled `out of the box'. If Japanese input
doesn't work at all with rxvt, I'll try kterm again, but at the moment
I am afraid that I am just missing some simple incantation which
starts XIM for rxvt.

Does anybody have experience with Japanese input in rxvt?

Thank you very much,


Mike Fabian   <>   <>
In der Neckarhelle 81, D-69118 Heidelberg-Ziegelhausen
Telephone: +49(0)6221/809222

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