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Re: tlug: Re: Ark

>>>>> "jdb" == J David Beutel <> writes:

    jdb> I've got that same misunderstanding.  He display the same
    jdb> kanji in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean?  How did he do it--by
    jdb> changing fonts?

You get a gold star!

That is exactly the theory behind Unihan:  glyphs (in computer jargon, 
font elements) are the only differences bewteen the Chinese style of
presentation and the Japanese style; no semantic differences in the
characters themselves.  Of course their _uses_ are different:
different pronunciation, additional meanings, allowed combinations.

If you don't grok the difference, well, so what?  "It is like a
burglar sneaking into a vacant house."  :-)  It's only a theory, and
it seems to work---if you have the fonts and the markup needed to
disambiguate similar usages by several languages.

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