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Re: tlug: Re: Ark

On Wed, 1 Dec 1999, Tony Laszlo wrote:
> The Ichitaro people showed it to me on a notebook computer. 
> I think it was an IBM Thinkpad. Of course, as they are in 
> the business of promoting such a product, I assume their setup 
> was not too shabby. I remember asking about the 
> memory and CPU as the response time was fast (compared to 
> my dinosaur notebook when I switch font sets in yudit). I 
> don't remember the specs but I remember that it didn't 
> strike me as anything terribly special (it wasn't a Cray, 
> in disguise). 

The demo I saw at the Sun Developer Connection, done by the president of
Justsystem, was done on a thinkpad laptop with a 200Mhz era Pentium (not
Pro) processor. The Java machine used was Sun's Java 2 for Win 95... not
sure which rev of the machine, but the Sun Dev Connection conference in
Tokyo was held over 7 months ago.

He made a point of telling the speed and memory specs of the machine (and
said something to the effect, "I know a lot of you have heard rumors about
a speed/performance problem with Java. I hope this demo, on a pretty
average machine, puts those concerns to rest."), and also demoed entering
the same kanji compound (mentioning that the internal coding was Unicode),
and showing the exact compound displayed in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean
all on the same page together. (to counter the misunderstandings regarding
Unicode and Han unification).

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