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tlug: Re:

On Sat, 28 Mar 1998, Ken Harada wrote:

> Have you noticed the very quick action of Ogochan, chairman
> of JLUG, on setting the DNS setting.

Yes, Ogochan from JLUG really helped on that one.  :-)  

> (There seems additional setting required at our end? or 
> riccia dns for mail to reachable.)

Is this the secondary DNS setting?  Maybe Thomas or Scott Stone
can do it for us?

Primary DNS:

I'm not exactly sure how the DNS system works. 

I can telnet to now.

I propose we make some small donation to JLUG to help them with DNS
expenses and also since JLUG handles a lot of the general Linux promotion
stuff in Japan.    Similar goals as TLUG, different language.  ;-)  
This English<=>Japanese thing is a challenge.  ;-)
I'm not sure how JLUG is structured and what the requirements are 
for membership.  


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