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Re: tlug: PJE, Canna and Wnn...

On Fri, 27 Mar 1998, Domenico Carlucci wrote:

> 2) When I boot, I see that the Canna and Wnn servers start, 
>    but later another Canna server starts and it gives me an 
>    error, suggesting me to delete the file /tmp/.iroha/IROHA
>    How can I check that the Canna server is really running?

ps auxwww | grep -i 'canna' 

would be the 'safest' way to check.  I think the actual binary is
'cannaserver', so you could grep for that instead.

> 3) Anyway, I'm able now to see japanese fonts on my screen by mule 
>    (using .emacs configuration file of the PJE) or any kterm. 
>    But I do not know how to use mule to write in hiragana and have 
>    the conversion (it doesn't seem to work). 
>     At my university, I just press the "Yen" key and I'm able 
>     to write in japanese.

Well, Wnn uses control-\ to put you into J input mode... it's totally
different for Canna, though, and I don't remember how (I don't think it's
nearly as elegant as Wnn).  Oh, and after you're done with the hiragana,
hit the space bar to perform the kana/kanji conversion (again, this is
with Wnn, and this assumes that PJE's version of Wnn is either version 6
or has the same input method as Wnn6 does).

Oh, and I know jonathan asked me about this earlier - we DO have a CD of
Dp/Note and Wnn6 (full versions) for sale, which basically will upgrade
TLJ standard to TLJ pro.  Wnn6 (the full version) is REALLY good (blows
away Canna), and I (and the rest of the Japanese staff here) recommend it
- we all use it.

What version of Wnn comes with PJE, anyway?

Scott M. Stone <,>
Linux Developer/Systems Administrator for Pacific HiTech, Inc.

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