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Re: tlug: X resolution / color depth

>>>>> "ScottS" == Scott Stone <> writes:

    ScottS> On Thu, 19 Mar 1998, Scott H. Perlman wrote:

    >> This is obvoiusly not a function of X.  The problem with this
    >> concept is that there are far far too many available options.
    >> Any program that decides to modify my .ctwmrc without asking
    >> won't make it for long.  The necessary intelligence to parse
    >> all the various window management files and itelligently add
    >> itself is nigh unto impossible.  You simply cannot completely
    >> automate this in a customizeable Unix environment.

    ScottS> I've got it pretty darn close with the turbodesk utilities
    ScottS> (only for AfterStep 1.0, though).  Try it :)

Are you missing Scott P.'s point?  Scott P. is worrying about the poor 
luser who doesn't give a f**k what you can do with AfterStop[sic] 1.0, 
but just says "Don't you step on my blue suede shoes."  How do his
ctwm shoes look after turbodesk is done with them?

What you can do with one manager is irrelevant to those who don't use
it.  I think Scott P.'s "impossible" is far too strong a word, for
example if TurboDesk should create a public API for manu management
and sample implementations for a couple of the WMs with large market
share.  I would have said the same thing about Windoze "Install
Wizards," but everybody seems to have them.  If TD creates such an
API, I'll give you credit for the 2-point conversion.

(Debian is working on this, by the way, although I don't know how
general it is in practice.)

But that's not the way you seem to be approaching things.

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