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tlug: April 11 Meeting TV Grabber Demo writes:
 > Hi,
 > Marcus Metzler wrote:
 > > If nobody objects my brother (who`s in Japan at that time) and I are
 > > going to give a demonstration of the the grabber driver and application
 > > we wrote for Linux. The software enables you to use TV grabber cards
 > > based on the Bt848 chip to watch TV on your X11 screen. It supports 
 > > various hardware cards by several manufacturers. For more information
 > > see:  http://www.thp.Uni-Koeln.DE/~rjkm/linux/bttv.html
 > This sounds good.  Is there any hardware you need to have set
 > up before the meeting?
I will bring a grabber card, which has to be put into a computer with a PCI
compatible graphics card. If you tell me what card you have I tell you if
I can use it. Most PCI cards should work.


Dr. Marcus Metzler
Department of Physics
Toho University
Miyama 2-2-1, Funabashi, Chiba 274

e-mail :
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