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Re: tlug: SCSI Server Card

On Mon, 16 Mar 1998, Scott Stone wrote:

> Those cards are garbage.  Of the two I have for testing... Linux will
> generate a kernel panic and hang on bootup if there's more than 1 scsi
> device connected to it (yes, I checked termination :) )...

The cards aren't actually garbage ... the driver is garbage.  I prefer AMD
to Intel any day, but AMD is pretty tight with docs.

> I was kind of hoping for that buslogic card... then we can leave the 2940
> in the tlug server.

One can obtain a BusLogic (well, Mylex really) in Akihabara for about man
yen.  I'd recommend that that 2940 goes _away_ ... I've had really bad
experiences with the AIC-7xxx series (do _not_ mix them with Quantum

--	Chris (

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