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Re: tlug: Re: TLUG Server (Hardware)

urs roesch writes:
 > Andrew S. Howell wrote:
 > > >>>>> ""Jonathan" == "3Web  <- Jonathan" <>> writes:
 > >     "Jonathan> A Maxtor Diamond Max 2160 8.4 GB is actually right
 > >     "Jonathan> around that price in Akihabara.  Average is around
 > >     "Jonathan> 45,000 yen, which is well under US$400, even with 5%
 > >     "Jonathan> tax added.
 > > Jonathan,
 > >         OK, I give up, where in Akihabara. I've seen wide scsi 4.2gb
 > > for 36,000, but 8.4 for 45,000. I'm drooling....
 > I know two shops that have the very reasonable HDs one is called Trisal
 > the other one The Graceful if you don't know where they are located just
 > hang around Laox and Tsukumo Denki (sometimes near Tokyo-Mitsubishi
 > Bank). Some guys there hand you fliers (B4 size the red ones are from
 > Trisal the blue ones from The Graceful). Both fliers have a map printed
 > on so you can find them without any problems.
Check out:

All in Akihabara, all about the same prices.


Dr. Marcus Metzler
Department of Physics
Toho University
Miyama 2-2-1, Funabashi, Chiba 274

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