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tlug: large files for general public

On Fri, 6 Mar 1998, Craig Olinsky wrote:

> It still continues to amaze me that, in this day and age of DVDs and 
> terrabyte databases, that something which fits on a single floppy is 
> nevertheless considered by many to be "large".

Craig Olinsky,
I think the problem occurs when you are not on a permanent fixed
line connection.  For example, I'm sucking these e-mails down
at 10meg/sec, so I'm probably limited more by disk access
speed than anything else.   

The same is true of the web, where I can read the text as it
streams in over the Netscape window.  

However, if a person is on a dialup modem link with a 14.4Kbps
modem, then the 220K file gets to be a bit hard to handle.  Or,
at least inconvenient.  This is why the TLUG mailing list will
reject large files.   

Just thought I would comment on the perspective of the dialup
user, a valuable part of the TLUG community.  

On a different note, this is what first blew me away when I 
learned about TCP/IP.  You could use it over serial lines,
ethernet, frame relay, fiber.   Very cool....  an awesome
protocol suite.  Back in '93 many of my friends were in
telco and asking why I was so jazzed up about TCP/IP when
frame relay or even X.25 were doing almost the same task.
The way cool thing was that I was snaking TCP/IP through
three different OS types, a 118K null-modem serial link,
a 2500 baud modem, 10 meg ethernet, and a 64K frame relay

Anyway, what I really wanted to say is that there are people
with non-permanent links, so files over 20K or so might not
be appreciated by them.  

Craig Oda

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