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Re: tlug: 1992 Linus/Andy Tanenbaum flame fest

>>>>> "Craig" == Craig Olinsky <> writes:

    >> The file is pretty large (remember it is 220K), but if you have
    >> a fast feed or patience, you might want to give it a read.

    Craig> It still continues to amaze me that, in this day and age of
    Craig> DVDs and terrabyte databases, that something which fits on
    Craig> a single floppy is nevertheless considered by many to be
    Craig> "large".

Go read RFC 1, which mentions a MINIMUM ping time of 500 ms ;-)

Seriously, I do most of my work at home over 28.8 line if I'm lucky;
often it's half that due to the phone system.  That means about 100
seconds, or more when my system can't do anything else.  That's big...

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