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Re: tlug: Permissions on /dev/audio, et al

On Fri, 6 Mar 1998, Stephen J. Turnbull wrote:

> These are all 0660 in the Debian distribution, but that means that my
> non-root user can't get at it (eg in MIME mail and so on).  I'd like
> to use NAS, but then the CD playing utilities and the like get shut
> out.
> Any suggestions?  In particular, is there any reason why I shouldn't
> use 0666 on a single-user workstation?

I think it's a Linux thing, as RedHat gives the same permissions to
/dev/audio and usually the cdrom as well. I always change to 666 for
the users (well, that's just me anyhow). After all, you don't want
to have to su all the time just to listen to the latest from the
BB Queens! :-) Really, though, I don't see any problems there. I
shadow the /etc/password file just in case, fwiw...


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