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Re: tlug: have you seen THIS before?

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> SO, I install Windows, everything goes fine but then gives me a CPU
> exception error right at the end.  Strange, I think.  Then I go to install
> Linux.  While installing, at random points in the install, it will
> spontaneously hard-reset itself!  No warning, nothing, just ZAP, and we're
> back to checking memory.

> Now, I suspect bad ram here. 

I've never seen a pure memory error signalled as a "CPU problem" before, so you 
may truly have a bad chip (defective, too!).  Is the BIOS recent enough to have 
do a hardware-level diagnositic (i.e, anything more than the basic memory test?)

I'd try replacing the cache memory first before I went for the system ram, at 
least if the ram is from a "reliable" vendor...

Craig (

--not speaking for intel

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