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Re: [tlug] Linux distro compatible with 740MHz Celeron / 457MB RAM

Apologies, that should have been 10.04.

On 13 November 2014 14:39, Benjamin Kowarsch <> wrote:
> On 13 November 2014 13:24, Keith Wilkinson <> wrote:
>> An acquaintance asks for recommendations
>> for a long-service LINUX that will run
>> on a  740MHz Celeron / 457MB RAM PC.
> Its been a few years since, but I used Ubuntu 10.0 TLS on a number of
> IBM sho-space mini-desktops for use as telephony servers running
> Asterisk and Freeswitch. They were 750 MHz Celerons with 256 and 512
> MB RAM. Those worked like a charm, providing office telephony 24/7 for
> years without any reboots. The only issues I ever had on these setups
> were when the disk filled up with log files occasionally having
> forgotten to switch off verbose logging after trouble shooting some
> telephony related issue.
> Hope this helps.
> benjamin

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