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Re: [tlug] Linux distro compatible with 740MHz Celeron / 457MB RAM

On 13 November 2014 13:24, Keith Wilkinson <> wrote:
> An acquaintance asks for recommendations
> for a long-service LINUX that will run
> on a  740MHz Celeron / 457MB RAM PC.

Its been a few years since, but I used Ubuntu 10.0 TLS on a number of
IBM sho-space mini-desktops for use as telephony servers running
Asterisk and Freeswitch. They were 750 MHz Celerons with 256 and 512
MB RAM. Those worked like a charm, providing office telephony 24/7 for
years without any reboots. The only issues I ever had on these setups
were when the disk filled up with log files occasionally having
forgotten to switch off verbose logging after trouble shooting some
telephony related issue.

Hope this helps.

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