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Re: [tlug] Skype & PaX

On Tue, Jun 19, 2012, at 12:54, Edward Middleton wrote:
> PAX is part of Grsecurity[1] which is a hardening patchset against
> vanilla kernels and set of tools.  Gentoo supports it in the Hardened
> Gentoo[2].
> Due to various differences in opinion between the developers of
> Grsecurity and Linus this patchset is probably not going to get
> integrated into vanilla Linux any time soon.
> Without the pax marking skype won't run on Hardened Gentoo.

Thanks for the details, Edward.

I've now installed the new 4.0, and a little surprised at how little it
seems to have changed from 2.2 beta, except the addition of at least
one major bug causing a crash & burn :-/ I'd advise anyone thinking of
upgrading not to be in any rush.... I see almost nothing here to
recommend it yet...


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