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Re: [tlug] Technical meetings docs

On 06/06/2012 05:24 AM, Bruno Raoult wrote:

I am living now in Brittany (France) and found a Linux club. Of course
much smaller than TLUG.
I wondered if I could get your past technical meetings documents,
so I could translate them in French? I did not find anything on

Thanks a lot, if this is possible. FYI, we are more on a newcomer side,
here, you may understand why. So I don't need (yet) documents about
too high level technical stuff. I would be more on an "evangelist" side
(ie: moving from Windows, or such)...

If you send me  (or better: publish) such documents, I will revert with
version. Not sure it will help you, but some other French clubs could
use them
later (maybe :)

I haven't really followed up enough with speakers about posting their presentation materials. Maybe if you could take a look at what has been presented[1] that you might like to translate and we can follow up with the speaker.



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