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Re: [tlug] Fortran --> Python (was linux engineer)

Attila Kinali writes:

 > And usually it's in vain to tell them, that if they'd sit down for a week
 > and actually learn the language they are using, they'd be at least twice
 > as productive. They just tell you that they are not computer scientists
 > and thus dont need to know that much detail about "computers".

Why should scientists be different from anybody else?  I hear the same
thing from "marketing" people who don't think they need to know
anything about economics, statistics, or production management, and so

But on *this* list, I think it's reasonable to assume we, and the
people we want to hang out with, care about doing what they do well,
and have at least some curiosity (and ambition!) outside of their
(nominal) fields.

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