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Re: [tlug] [OT] French cuisine

> Yes, I believe you may find good international restaurant & food shops in
> any city - but London, but this is a special case,
> the exception that confirms the rule:They really found ways to be unique,
> such as no fresh fish in shops. Really unique
> for an island  :-)

London is not an island. ;-)

I always find food in central London either unappetizing or expensive;
but for the rest of the country I've always found good food in the pubs.

The atmosphere and target market changed gradually from about 15-20
years ago, with the combined effect of longer opening hours, cheap
alcohol in supermarkets, and more recently the smoking ban. I.e. the
alcoholics drink at home or in the gutter, and now most people go to a
pub as much for a meal as for a drink.


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