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[tlug] Introducing myself

Hi Ya’ll,


So, I think I know a few of you on this list, but I’m new to TLUG and writing because I’d like to introduce myself.


I joined the group to learn more about setting up a media center at home. Also, I’m currently working with large banking clients, and their internal teams are looking for Unix SA’s. Some jobs are more support-oriented, while others are more engineering oriented. If you’d like to know more please contact me directly.


I have light experience with Linux, having used it for business and fun before. I’ve documented and tested a Linux-based network appliance which used Jungo’s platform, as well as set up Vine servers for a Japanese Trac / SVN server. Probably my first experience with Linux was when I helped my brother install Debian on an old PC.


Anyhow, I’ll be listening and hopefully make it to one of the meetings soon.


Warmest regards,



Timothy Trahan
TradeWinds Consulting K.K.
A member of FIA / Registered ISV for TSE/OSE
1-5-7, Yamanote Bldg. Shinkan 4F
Hamamatsucho, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Japan 105-0013
Tel: +81. (0)3-6403-4403
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