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Re: [tlug] OT: softbank/b-mobile fees

>> But, if I've understood correctly, by buying it through Softbank I
>> basically get the phone for free; ...
> Right. The thing is they want you to pay the full price of the phone if 
> cancel at any point (61,920). If you use it for 2 years, you will only 
> pay 9,120 for the phone. In exchange, you agree to pay 4410 per month 
> for pakehodai flat for 2 years, so they get nice predictable cash flow :)

Thanks - I'd missed the difference between free and 9,120 yen.

> You get a really cool phone with no upfront payment, but considering 
> that new, nicer phones will be out in less than a year, the lock-in may 
> not be what you want. In that case getting a no-contract phone may be 
> preferable.

I don't see how? The packet fees are a fixed cost whatever phone I have;
and I assume all providers are roughly the same. So I either pay
24x380=9,120 for the phone or I pay 61,920 for the phone. If I switch
phones early but stay with Softbank I just pay the outstanding
difference? If I switch both phone and carrier I pay the difference +
9,975 yen.

Looking at the comparison (from the URL you gave) of total cost of
ownership for b-mobile U300 and the handset vs. softbank:
 1 year ownership:  91,653 vs.             116,815
 2 year ownership: 121,453 (24 months) vs. 149,320 (25 months)

Those are interesting numbers, but is that a fair comparison? I get no
phone number [1] with b-mobile sim and cannot call people. On the other
hand I believe b-mobile is using Docomo's network; I've heard that means
it will be equivalent to or better than Softbank's coverage?



> If you read Japanese, someone already did the math:
> If sign up for pakehodai, you get 2200 discount per month, so you end up 
> paying 380 per month for the phone. If you use it for the whole 24 
> months, you will eventually pay SoftBank 116,815.

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