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Re: [tlug] google ditching windows and going for open source software

Nguyen Vu Hung writes:

 > The software piracy rate remains unchanged: 85% for successive 3 years.
 > This is the figure that BSA has been reported.

The BSA's numbers can be characterized as the bottom rung of "lies,
damn lies, and statistics".  I just don't trust their numbers.

 > IMO, the rate on mid-size and small size companies are nearly 99%.
 > Some reasons for such high rate are: Well, use get used to use it,
 > and: Windoze, M$ Office are nearly free ( .5$ for a CD-R and 1.2$
 > for a DVD-R)

I think that DaveMG published a rant pointing out that MSFT uses this
as an entry wedge.  Get market share to 100%, *then* raise price.
Just wait for a couple of years, and MSFT *will* come to collect.

    I've seen the needle and the damage done
    ... and every junkie's like a setting sun
    Oh, oh, the damage done

 > Is there any benefit by switching from Windows + M$ Office to Linux
 > + OpenOffice?  For most of the companies, there are none: We face
 > the problems of training (to use the new combo), compatibility and
 > such.

Well, aside from the legal liability, *if* you have moderately skilled
people, it's much easier, cheaper, and more reliable to automate
common tasks with *nix systems.  I don't know much about Vietnam,
except the occasional MBA student, but I would guess it's a country
looking at rising levels of software skills on the supply side, and
rising wages for office workers.

This does require a lot of investment, though, and I would guess wages
are still low enough that hiring another secretary is always the
cheaper option in the short run.

Sill, if I were you, I'd be watching for the signs of rising value in
streamlined workflows.

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