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[tlug] [announcement] 2010-04-10 Technical meeting

-=-=-=- Announcement: 2010-04-10 TLUG Technical Meeting -=-=-=-=-

  Meeting information

  Date: April 10th (Saturday)

  Time: 14:00 - 16:30
        (doors open 13:30)

  Place: SUN Microsystems, Inc.
         SBS Tower, 27th floor
         4-10-1 Yoga
         Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, Japan


  Short Topics)

         "History of TLUG"
         By Edward Middleton

         "Origins of early computing"
         By Matthew (Karamoon)

         "Asterisk in Japan"
         By Simon Gibson and Sach Jobbs

         "Creating a 1st Amazon Cloud instance"
         By Alberto Tomita

This month, we will have a different format with four short talks.

The first talk will be by Edward Middleton and will be a short talk
about the tlugs history.

The second speaker Matthew (Karamoon) will detail the contribution that
hackers at Station X made to early computing. Although the devices at
Station X were not Turing-complete, they were the world's first
programmable, digital, electronic, computing devices.

The third speakers Simon Gibson and Sach Jobbs will talk about using
Asterisk in Japan.

The forth speaker Alberto Tomita will present his experience with
setting up an account with AWS and creating a server instance for the
first time - what went well and mistakes he could had avoided.

If you are involved in a project or have something you would like to
talk about in this or a future technical meeting, we are always looking
for presenters.

Other items on the agenda are:
1. Introduction of new members, news about Linux/Open Source,
general announcements, Q&A
2. Auction

All Linux users and supporters of open source code and free software
are invited to attend this Tokyo Linux Users Group (TLUG) meeting.
Membership is open to anyone. There are no membership dues or entrance

After the meeting, we will continue chatting over a few beers.

About TLUG
TLUG is a non-profit, non-political organization established in June
of 1994 to exchange information on the use of Linux and Free Software
Foundation tools. TLUG has an active mailing list, home page, and
regular physical meetings. Discussions are primarily held in English,
but non-English speakers are encouraged to come and participate.
We especially want to encourage Japanese people to attend and will make
efforts to support a bilingual meeting.

TLUG generally hosts technical meetings every month on the 2nd
Saturday, and a nomikai (social even at a pub) every even month on the
3rd Friday.

The TLUG home page is available at

For any instructions or info before the meeting:
    Edward Middleton ............ 090-3689-0292
    Jim Grisanzio ............ 090-6005-3208

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