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Re: [tlug] Android Phone

On Tue, Nov 17, 2009 at 12:37 PM, Shawn Brown
<> wrote:
>> I want to get my old man an android phone. Suggestions please!
> If my father were still around to get a phone for, I'd go for a motorola droid.
> 1) physical keyboard (his preference may vary)
> 2) runs android 2.0
> **3) more responsive (due to the processor and perhaps being 2.0).
> HTC stuff right now only runs 1.6 and it's not known when/if it'll
> upgrade as the 2.0 requirements are different.   The 2.0 source is
> released, but there is still hardware specific stuff that keeps a real
> 2.0 off of HTC handsets.  Bluetooth is one thing that is only really
> supported from 2.0.
> That said, I'd have a look at the terms of the contract and coverage.
> I haven't heard about the battery life in several reviews so I assume
> it's ok.
> I hope my son turns out as swell as you!

<snip example review>

Scoble has quite an interesting review of the Droid which differs
partly from most:
Sadly it doesn't compare to other Android-phones.


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