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Re: [tlug] better than programming (off-topic)

Shawn Brown wrote:
I am shocked, absolutely shocked that anyone would say such a thing.

Well it depends what kind of prostitution she did.
If we compare the scenario for programmers in some companies like 12 hours per day, a miserable salary, no motivation at all, dumb managers, no weekends, no holidays, huge concentration of people in a tiny space, projects with no future and a many other non-sense experiences, well maybe she enjoyed prostitution better than another psychological torture.

So it depends what kind of experience she had in the development world or what kind of idea she has about it. I worked as a developer and system administrator. I had good and bad experiences as a developer. I had a bad one just because I chose the bad company to work for and believe me it was a psychological torture, due to the people, the company and the environment. But I have great experiences as well because I worked in the right place.

Anyway she should not generalize in that way, saying that software development is such a bad and dirty work. In fact generalizations like that should not be done, not only for programmers.



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