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Re: [tlug] NVIDIA Geforce 9600GT driver on opensuse

Thanks, Ryu and Godwin for the advice. I appreciate your
trying to help me. I had time today to attempt this again.

Lewske Wada <> wrote:
> Although I'm using the latest lenny (Debian 5.0) and the kernel that
> comes with it, it is compiled in gcc 4.1 and not 4.3 as I figured
> out seeing nvidia's installer message:

Thanks. To check this, I ran it both ways. It only runs the program when
I export it as 4.3. Otherwise, I get a 4.1-specific error message.

Godwin Stewart <> wrote:
> The command "uname -r" outputs onto the console the version of the kernel
> you're running, that's in your case. Sticking something in
> `backticks` in a command line causes that something to be executed and its
> console output to be substituted into the command line.
> So, if you cd into /lib/modules/`uname -r`/ you will get into the directory
> containing the modules for the kernel that's running on the machine,

Yes, that worked like a charm. Put me into the
/lib/modules/ directory.

> $ ln -s /usr/src/linux build
> Then try and build the modules for your graphics card again.

I tried twice just to make sure I was doing it exactly as you wrote it.
Unfortunately, when I do the "sh NDVIDIA<tab>.run" command, it hangs
up with exactly the same error message as before. Viz, "The kernel header
file '/lib/modules/' does not exist.
The most likely reason for this is that the kernel source path '/lib/modules/' is incorrect. [etc.]"

I really do appreciate all the attempts to help, and I'm sorry I don't
understand this more. I do intend to learn more about it.

> Finally, run a search on the internet to find out what symbolic links and
> hard links are.

Will do. Thanks.


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