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Re: [tlug] LVM2 and resizing partition

Edward Middleton wrote:
> What you have done doesn't really help.  You have reduce the number of
> physical extents allocated to the LogVol00 logical volume,  from the
> 500G VolGroup00 volume group, but you don't know where in the volume
> group (i.e. the partition) they are allocated.

He also said he used pvresize to shrink the physical volume, that
should allow him to reduce the partition size with fdisk afterwards.

No need to use an additional hard disk.

Just like the pvresize man page states:
|Shrink the PV on /dev/sda1 prior to shrinking the partition with
|fdisk (ensure that the PV size is appropriate for your intended new
|partition size):
|pvresize --setphysicalvolumesize 40G /dev/sda1

To resize the actual partition I'd use fdisk and delete and then
recreate it smaller. However you'd want to make sure the new
partition starts on the same sector as the old one.
fdisk in expert mode will show the starting sector in addition to
the size if you want to be sure.

Tobias						PGP:

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