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Re: [tlug] sshfs in fstab not working


Thanks for responding.

I took out "noauto" from fstab, and rebooted.

Then, when I tried accessing the directory, I got a message that said I
need to change /etc/fuse.conf to say user_allow_other.

So I did that.

I rebooted again, and now I have a sort of odd situation. There's a
"Mythbuntu" directory in my home folder, where I want it to be. But when
I click on it, a new external drive called "Mythbuntu" gets mounted and
an icon for it shows up on my desktop.

I'm trying to make the sshfs network directory be as seamlessly
integrated as possible, so that it looks like just another directory.

Is that not possible with sshfs? Maybe I have the concept wrong.

Dave M G

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