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Re: [tlug] Tokyo key signing party 2009

2009/5/13 Kyle Hasegawa <>:

> Actually, I've never been to a key signing party but from what I've read it
> takes a significant amount of planning and organization to do well.  I
> suppose it depends on the group size.  I'll start spreading the word through
> the typical Tokyo tech channels and see what kind of responses I get.

All the successful key signing events I have been to have not been key
signing parties at all, but LUG meetings where people got together and
signed keys or issued CAcert assurances for a few minutes before,
after, or--in the case of TLUG[1]--during the meeting.

It *does* take a lot of planning and organisation to do a dedicated
key signing party, so why do it? I'd (and I've, for that matter)
piggy-back on TLUG's planning and organisation, and just sign as many
keys as interested parties allow. In the past, when I've pinged the
list before a tech meeting or nomikai and mentioned key signing, I've
gotten around five new signatures per meeting. You can probably do
better, since--I assume--you don't have a lot of TLUG people who have
already signed your keys.


[1] i.e. in the break between talks in the middle of every TLUG tech meeting

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