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Re: [tlug] WWAN subsidized English notebooks

On 5/11/2009 8:47 AM, nigel barker wrote:
Kyle Hasegawa wrote:
Would anyone know a way to get WWAN subsidized notebooks with English 
keyboards?  Most electronics stores offer big discounts for notebooks 
when you sign up for a WWAN service contract from EMobile etc. but the 
notebooks have Japanese keyboards with ridiculously small spacebars.  
Since I'll be needing WWAN service it would be wasteful to pay full price.

I bought a MSI Wind U100 from Pasokon Koubou with english kb. They had 
to order the kb and we had to wait a while. I don't think we had to pay 
extra though.
The Wind has a nice big kb, btw.

Also you can get English kb on some Dell models, including the mini9, 
which they offer with a WWAN package.
The mini9 kb is crappy in any language.


Thanks for the tip.  I didn't realize you could special order notebooks with English keyboards.  I'll checkout Pasokon Koubou first.  Hopefully they'll have a model that suits my needs.  Otherwise I'll ask other stores if they can special order as well.  Maybe I can get them to order it without Windows too.  Last I checked all netbooks in Japan come with Windows.

I agree that keyboards on 9" netbooks are "crappy in any language".  My error-corrected typing speed on those is around a word a minute.



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