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Re: [tlug] Configuring nagiosplug from Nagios 1.3 with autoconf 2.13

2009/4/29 Stephen J. Turnbull <>:

> configure is a portable shell script generated by autoconf [...]

And this was the key to the whole thing. This was a classic case of me
not seeing the forest for the trees; luckily, one of my co-workers did
point out that the canopy overhead was fairly unbroken.

"Why don't you," he proposed, "just generate the configure script on
some random machine which has autoconf 2.63, then check it into source
control. To build the package, just skip the autoreconf step
altogether and do the normal ./configure && make && make install

So I did, and lo! the package built on RHEL3 (after using a little sed
on the configure script to convince it to use the right version of

Thanks, guys.


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