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[tlug] Job Opportunity

This is not a guaranteed offer of employment ... it is a bit more complicated than that. Apologies if anyone is offended.

I have a client (a K.K.) who is planning to dismiss a senior employee for cause in the near future. That employee was the person charged with the hands-on development of the websites belonging to the two parent companies (one a listed K.K. and one gaisha) which partnered up to create the client company, their webmail, and a high powered search engine which is proprietary to the Japanese parent.

The directors of both parent companies have asked me to find them someone to review all of the code for the three web sites, webmail, and search engine to look for traps, back doors, time bombs, etc. In other words, look for any possible way the employee can continue to access the sites, may have set up ways to have the site transmit proprietary data to a third party site in the event the (ex)employee does not log in within a given period of time, or has set traps or bombs to destroy the sites. Of particular concern is the search engine which, if I understand the issue correctly, has the ability to bring down several larger, more powerful, domestic online mall sites under certain circumstances with the offending company being required to cough up compensation.

I'm looking for someone with the right professional credentials to work with my investigation company to:

1.  Develop a bid for this project.

2.  Do the work on the agreed schedule.

3. If they like your work and would like to offer you a longer term (but probably part time) opportunity, that is between you and them. They've agreed verbally that as the person already on site, you will be considered first, should you want to be. We are not a job search company and don't take commissions or fees for that kind of thing.

I do not yet know what was used to create the web sites and it seemed too early to discuss getting a look at the code. I have a _feeling_ it may have been an MS product used to create the sites. However, all three sites have search engines and shopping carts built in. We are in the process of asking a lot of questions and will try to obtain whatever is reasonably necessary for you to make a reasonable bid.

At the risk of being obnoxious, let me reiterate that this is something requested by a client, which we are sure is not a passing "good thing" type of idea, but that the budget and time table is not yet approved. As long as the short term goals are met on time and within budget, you are free to make more of it than we are offering.

Please respond to me offline at and include [WORK] in the Subject line. My parser will thank you.


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