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[tlug] Open Source activity and enviroment maps

Francois Cartegnie writes:
 > Hi,
 > For those interested in statistics & speculative numbers:
 > Some surprises :)

I'm, er, "beyond surprised."  It's, uh, "interesting", that 1 and 2
overall are also 1 and 2 in the government column, while 3 overall is
4 in the government column.  Hm....  And in general, "community"
doesn't correlate at all with "overall activity".  Huh?

The *environment* numbers look much more like what I perceive
development and usage *activity* to be, but here the U.S. comes in #2
next to Sweden.  Say what?  I'm sorry, I love my native land, but the
climate there, while not especially discouraging to open source
activity, is not particularly encouraging.  Except maybe in

Methodologically, per capita numbers also work against the more
populated countries like the U.S. and Japan, not to mention China and
India, for things like Internet usage and OSS users per capita.  And
what gives in China?  Government is about 1/2 of industry, yet
government ranks 6 and industry 69....

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