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[tlug] Cross-cultural Engineer Party in Tokyo, Feb 15

Hi list,

I'm planning a party where Japanese and non-Japanese engineers meet and talk 
in English. The only requirement is being a computer engineer: sysadmin, 
programmer, network admin, web designer or whatever that involves solving 
problem using computers. There will be a tech talk and, hopefully, some 
lightening talks by attendees. Also, a discussion by non-Japanese would be 
fun, like "Japanese things I don't understand".

The primary motivation was my frustration that Japanese engineers don't see 
the rest of the world, just because they feel uncomfortable with English. 
Asked why they feel so, almost all of them say they don't, or don't have to, 
use English, even though they've learnt English for more than 6 years!

More and more non-Japanese engineers are working in Japan. I know they have 
active local communities, like TLUG, but I don't see active communication 
between Japanese and non-Japanese. It's not only me but many attendees at 
PacSec who found it interesting to know people in the same and/or different 
industry. At the same time, it would be interesting as well to meet people 
who have not only different background but something in common.

This is not a free English class, nor any kind of recruiting, but something to 
help people to make friends, meet interesting people and build good 
communities. I hope this will be a bridge for both people. Japanese engineers 
will know why English is useful for their careers and non-Japanese will know 
Japanese communities have lots of cool people.

"Cross-cultural Engineer Party"

If you find it interesting, please fill the registration form at:

Note: The party is sponsored by Pasonatech. The information required to 
register will be used for the event ONLY. We don't spam.

Best regards,
Tomoyuki Sakurai
OpenBSD Support Japan Inc.

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