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Re: [tlug] License of Arial Unicode MS (Arialuni.ttf)

2007/11/1, Wayne <>:
> On Wed, 2007-10-31 at 23:43 +0900, Nguyen Vu Hung wrote:
> > Arial Unicode MS (Arialuni.ttf) available if you install MS Office (
> > 2000 or newer ), or MS Office resource kit [1].
> While I can't answer your questions, I do thank you for the pointer :-)
> A quick Google turned it up quite quickly and I threw it in my core
> fonts folder under ~/.fonts
It won't work with CJK or any encoding other than Latin ( FIXME ).
With Arialuni, we can display almost every languages with ONE font.

In the EULA of Ms Office 2007 Japanese version [1], the license about
fonts are stated:
( I don't have the English version of it, but you can translate, use for example )

	c.	フォント

i.e., we can use the Arialuni.ttf under a very hard condition * only

I am not sure about the licenses of fonts in other versions of MS
Office, but with the license above, there would be no way to pull it


Best Regards,
Nguyen Hung Vu
An inquisitive look at Harajuku

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