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[tlug] Ubuntu 7.10 and Japanese input (scim anthy)

This is for Ubuntu 7.10, but I suspect at least some of it will apply to
all gnome distros.

>From a fresh default install:
  Administration|Language Support

Add the languages you need (e.g. Japanese). NB. Chinese didn't work for
me first time (saying "hash sum mismatch"). It did work 2nd time. Dust
on the DVD??

Then reboot. After the reboot, you can check the "Enable support to
enter complex characters" box. Check that, and maybe reboot again :-).
I think that is the step that then gives you a keyboard symbol in the
top right of the screen. Once you have that you can right-click to
configure with your desired shortcut keys.

Now, it still doesn't work at this point. The final step is you need to
open a terminal, type:
  export GTK_IM_MODULE=scim
(the default is "xim")

and then you can launch gedit from *that* terminal window, press your
scim trigger key combination and type Japanese, etc.

This mail differs from a useful tutorial in one important area: I have a
question. Where should I put:

so that it will apply to all users and applications every time the
system starts up? I guess what I'm asking is, what is the gnome
equivalent of /etc/profile and ~/.bash_profile ?


P.S. I have a similar question for this setting:
 xmodmap -e "remove lock = Caps_Lock"

I can put it in /etc/bash.bashrc but caps-lock is still enabled until I
start my first shell window. Surely there is a way to get it disabled
before that?

Darren Cook (English-Japanese-German-Chinese free dictionary) (About me and my work)  (My flash charting demos)

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