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Re: [tlug] ruby and python in Japan

Dave Brown writes:

 > Actually, however, Django isn't bad.  Its biggest flaws come from the
 > restrictiveness of the way that Python does things

What do you find restrictive about the way that Python does things?

I've found Python to sometimes be more verbose than I like (in
particular I miss the assignment expression and occasionally the
ternary conditional expression), but I've rarely found it hard to do
things.  In particular, as someone who also programs daily in Lisp I
have never missed proper lambdas.

 > treating Python as if it were Ruby takes a bit of work--for instance,
 > you can't casually reopen a previously-defined class and change it like
 > you can with Ruby).

I've always considered that a feature, not a bug; that's what derived
classes are for.

What's the use-case for changing a class on the fly?

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