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Re: [tlug] Patents gone wrong?

I forgot one VERY important point, sorry.

If a company does not want to keep the patent, because the process
doesn't bring them money, they usually abandon the patent and do not
pay the patent fees anymore - so it immediately becomes public domain.
This process has a very high incentive to either do something with
your invention or to free it.

And now copyright - you just do anything and nobody can use it for
your live plus 75 years.

Which process is better ?

I would say a patent: You can use your invention for 20 years and earn
money with it or you abandon it, then somebody else with another idea
can use it and - that bring's process.

That it works, you can see with generic drugs like Aspirin
(acetyl-salicylic acid). As soon as the patent protection was over,
other companies produced it too and they sell it much cheaper compared
to the Aspirin company.

I see lots of advantages if software would also be patented.

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