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[tlug] promoting linux one CDR at a time

Hi everyone,

I'm sure that most people on this list have had a chance to play around
with Knoppix by now, but if you haven't you ought to. I've been using it
to introduce people to Linux with great results.

For example, a couple of weeks ago I was visiting the family, and my
little brother was asking me to fix his computer which had been infected
with some virus. So instead of doing all the boring sysadmin crap I do
at my job, I just downloaded the Knoppix ISO, booted off of it and
voila: fully functional OS. His broadband connection came up with no
configuration required, sound worked fine, videos played, I even showed
him the Gimp. He was amazed how easy Linux was, and ended up playing on
his "new" computer for the remainder of the evening. 

Also, at work I have been giving Knoppix CDRs to people. Oftentimes
people want to use their company laptop to do non work related things
and end up messing up their operating systems, so I just give them
Knoppix right off the bat and tell them to use it instead. So far the
results have been good. 

Power to the Penguin!


Scott VanDusen


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