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Re: [tlug] Hosting site suggestions

Jim Breen <>, 2006-08-18 16:03 +1000:

> I don't really need root access if the right software is installed.

To me, not having root access to your own Web server makes about as
much sense as not having root access to your own desktop machine.

> A potential one I have had recommended is

I've not myself heard much of anything good about Redwood Virtual.
I've seen reports of it having unplanned service outages that
lasted for days, so if you're considering using it, you might first
do some checking to see what record they can give of past outages
(how many, how frequent, how long they lasted).

The only reason I've ever known anyone to give for recommending it
is that it has significantly cheaper prices than anybody else.
(Which it seems to me ought to be more of a cause for suspicion.)

If you want to go with a virtual server, I can very highly
recommend Bytemark Hosting:

They're currently offering only User Mode Linux VMs, but
relatively soon (October, I think) will be moving to Xen-based VMs
and migrating all existing users over to those.

Bytemark prices are not rock-bottom cheap like Redwood Virtual's,
but if you check their price list against those of other reputable
VM hosting services, I think you'll find them reasonable.

I can't remember them ever having a single unplanned outage in the
several years that I've been using them. And their planned downtime
is very infrequent, always announced well ahead of timei, and
always lasts for a shorter time than whatever estimate they announce.

And it is managed by highly capable technical people who have
always responded very quickly (within an hour or two at most) on
the few occasions I've had for asking them for any tech support.


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