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Re: [tlug] (gentoo) how to ask for an ebuild or do it myself?

Al, Edward, Josh, thank you all for your advice.

I followed your instructions and fiddled a bit with the ebuild, and
now my emacs is up and running including remember-el.

There is still some work to do because:

1) the current ebuild grabs from the arch repository, so it might be
   better to stick to numbered versions like 1.8 from tarballs

2) the arch repository actually changed this week so I will need to
   update it

3) versioning ebuilds by date (remember-20050102.ebuild is the original)
   might not be the best..

I also have a few questions:

Edward Middleton <> writes:
> On Thu, 2006-08-03 at 21:48 +0900, Al Hoang wrote:
> > 2. For your own private ebuild, figure out what it would be classified as
> >  - For your case it would be under the directory app-emacs (Full directory
> >    is /usr/local/portage/app-emacs/remember-gentoo

Is there any reason for making that remember-gentoo and not remember? In
doubt, I stuck with the name remember for now.

> If you want to get this into the portage tree you would be best to
> update the current ebuild and add it to the existing bug.  This may be
> enough to motivate the current assigned developer to push it into the
> portage tree, but even if it isn't you have solved your immediate
> problem.

Yes, I will definitely do this. Not right know because I have to go
home, but it is on my list for early next week.

> The "Gentoo Developer Handbook"[1] is the place to get started working
> on ebuilds.
> 1.

Thanks for the link ! It was important to understand and fix the


ps: the time of the message might not be correct because I have some
strange clock settings (my fault..)

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