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[tlug] (gentoo) how to ask for an ebuild or do it myself?

Dear Tlug,

I am giving gentoo a serious try, and I basically have a working
gentoo, only for a few applications that I daily use.

One of them is planner-el (for emacs), which works together with
remember-el. The planner-el has an ebuild (app-emacs/planner), but not

A google search led me to this bug [1] which is one year old, so I
doubt the ebuild will ever be made.

So my question is: Is there any way for me to (politely) say that I am
interested in this to happen, or to make it happen myself?

I know nothing of gentoo's packaging except "emerge what-I-want", but
I am willing to learn. Pointers welcome (^_^)!



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