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Re: [tlug] Japanese dictionaries

On 16/02/06, Josh Glover <> wrote:

> On 15/02/06, Nikolay Elenkov <> wrote:
> > And from firefox/thunderbird:
> >
> Thanks for this! I was just considering writing such an extension, now
> I'm glad I don't have to. :)

Of course, I should have actually tried Moji out, first.
Unfortunately, it is only J -> E. I end up using WWWJDIC a lot for E
-> J, as well.

What I really want is a Firefox extension that gives me WWWJDIC, just locally.

Maybe I will have a look at the Moji code, and just copy WWWJDIC's
interface. Or better yet, my extension could give you a "local mirror"
option when it sees you are hitting WWWJDIC.



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