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Re: [tlug] Japanese dictionaries

Edward Middleton wrote:

>>[LHS] Although it's based on a commercially purchased database, the ebview 
>>program enables me to use the dictionaries I paid for on Linux, and off 
>>the hard drive. I prefer using dictionaries off of the hard drive and 
>>not off an on-line database. Naturally I research things on-line, but 
>>for a straightforward dictionary, I prefer it all to be sitting on the 
>>hard drive. I like owning that database and not having to pull it off of 
>>a distant machine.
>ebview is just an epwing dictionary viewer, it might be setup by default 
>on your distribution to use a commercial epwing dictionary but it is not 
>a requirement.  There are a lot of [1]free epwing dictionaries available 
>and even [2]tools to make your own.

I'm set up with a set of five J-E/E-J dictionaries I use via ebview 
(on-line I of course use Jim Breem's dictionary), but what I would 
really like to have now is some way of using an Oxford and also a Random 
House dictionary that I have for the MicroMuck platform....


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