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Re: [tlug] Skype windows vs linux again

Jim wrote:

>It does suggest that network issues are not the problem, 
>but it does not eliminate network issues as a cause. 
>Because network traffic varies so much, it can be difficult 
>to definitively nail down cause and effect for network 
>timing issues. 
I don't understand how skype uses the network, but the time between 
going offline with one and online with the other was only a few seconds.

>It would not surprise me if the Linux box had its own firewalling 
>by default, 
It does.  And the linksys router I use does ip forwarding I think, but 
that was in the path of both boxes.

>whereas an insecure XP box could directly talk with the other peer. 
Actually XP has a built in firewall now too I think.  But you are right 
-- this is a major difference.   I don't understand how echoing can 
occur in the digital domain though.

I need to get more info from my friend.  I'm not sure how much she uses 
skype with other people.  It's great for talking from California to 
Japan though.  I'd be on my way to the poor house if I had to pay for 3 
hours worth of long-disntance every week.

And of course, like all of us, I don't have time for this right now :)  
At least (he says totally embarrassed) I have an xp solution that works 
to  an xp solution.  Also I need to google and check out the skype site 
to see if they have any ideas.

arigatou gozaimashita
Steve S.

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