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[tlug] Skype windows vs linux again

Hi all

A couple of weeks back I was asking if anyone had seen problems with
Skype on a windows vs skype on linux. My problem just happened again.
The people in Tokyo were on XP with Skype 2.0.... and I had my linux box
with Skype 1.whatever which was loaded about 3 weeks ago, so I'm sure
it's the latest linux version.

The people in Tokyo were complaining about sever echo -- so bad it was
unusable. Both checked their systems using echo123 and they were fine.
On my end things sounded good. I'm in California.

I had an XP system that I had been playing with so I downloaded Skype
and in the length of time it took me to disconnect from the linux box
and reconnect (seconds) from the XP box things got just fine. I think
that eliminates network issues. Both boxes had the latest available
Skype software. Both boxes had plenty of memory and compute power. All
parties involved verified that things were ok using echo123.

To me it looks like there are problems at least between XP version 2 of
skype and linux version 1 of skype. Is anyone using skype on linux to
communicate with someone else on XP with skype 2.0?

Steve S.

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