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Re: [tlug] AdBookWorkaround

Jean-Christian Imbeault wrote:

> The above is a diff/patch of the file that contained the error.
> If I read it correctly the file is 
> mailnews/addrbook/resources/content/addressbook.js and the error is on 
> line 493. The - before the line indicates a deleted line and the + 
> before a line indicates a new line. So basically, in order to fix the 
> bug, the line was changed from:
> addressbook.exportAddressBook(directory);
> to:
> addressbook.exportAddressBook(window, directory);
> So you can either go and fix the file yourself and or use the patch 
> program to fix it for you. Since it's just one file and one change I'd 
> opt for doing it myself.
> And luckily for you it looks like the bug was in a javascript file so 
> probably no need to recompile I would think.

Thank you, I think I will try to repair that line.  Now for another 
question that highlights how little I know:

How do I get to that line?  I looked at:

RCS file: 
retrieving revision 1.104
diff -u -u -8 -p -r1.104 addressbook.js

- and figured that would be the file path, but with the Mozilla folder 
(I installed it under user, not root), I can't find "mailnews" - what I 
do have is:

chrome, components, defaults, greprefs, icons, init.d, plugins, res, 

Sorry for the stupid question, but I'm stuck....



Index: mailnews/addrbook/resources/content/addressbook.js
RCS file: 
retrieving revision 1.104
diff -u -u -8 -p -r1.104 addressbook.js
--- mailnews/addrbook/resources/content/addressbook.js    27 Jan 2004 
17:33:33 -0000    1.104 +++ 
mailnews/addrbook/resources/content/addressbook.js    28 Dec 2004 
10:59:50 -0000 @@ -493,17 +493,17 @@ function AbPrintPreviewAddressBook()
 function AbExport()
   try {
     var selectedABURI = GetSelectedDirectory();
     if (!selectedABURI) return;
     var directory = GetDirectoryFromURI(selectedABURI);
-    addressbook.exportAddressBook(directory); +    
addressbook.exportAddressBook(window, directory);
   catch (ex) {
     var promptService = 
     if (promptService) {
       var message;
       switch (ex.result) {
         case Components.results.NS_ERROR_FILE_ACCESS_DENIED:

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