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Re: [tlug] [Recall] 2005-03-12 TLUG meeting call for presenters

Hello Jan,

On Mon, 7 Mar 2005 16:38:41 +0100, Jan D. Semrau <>  

> Will there be a meeting in April?

There will be a nomikai in April, but not a technical meeting.

> Unfortunately, I am arriving exactly on the 12th, thus no time to
> present something. Although, I would enjoy doing so. Moreover, is
> there a list of topics you would like to hear something about, or is
> it just freedom of choice?

The topics are pretty much open.  I suppose if we had a queue of people
wanting to present, then we would have to start filtering our topics.
If you are here in May we are happy for you to give a talk.  If not
show up to the nomikai in April!


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