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Re: [tlug] test

On Fri, 19 Mar 2004 18:00:13 -0800
Jonathan Byrne <> wrote:

> On Friday 19 March 2004 06:21 am, Brett Robson wrote:
> > while he was at the RH meeting I was busy installing Debian Sarge over
> > RH 7.3 on your (Jonathon's) old machine. I actually did it twice because
> Only Sarge?  What, no courage? :-)

Yep, but it's just  a desktop. All I am running is mozilla for browsing
and mail, ssh client, apache for extremely low volume stuff, and
occasionally gimp and quanta plus for html coding. I wanted to use
quanta but installing it on RH7.3 was becoming such a large job that I
decided installing Debian was easier (quanta is a Debian package). I had
been putting off dumping RH for a few months and finally bit the bullet.

KDE looks a lot better under Debian than RH. My boss says that's just a
matter of settings, which is probably correct but I know nothing about X. 

> I'm running Sid on both of my machine and it's been great.  KDE 3.2.1 is nice.
> So you kept 7.3 around until just recently, huh?   That was a pretty good 
> version.  IMO 7.3 was the best Red Hat ever.   

I was still happy with it and it's nice and familar, but it became too
difficult to keep up to date, there were too many old libs and
installing something new became too much hassle. This is just my work
desktop so I can't justify playing with stuff too much, fretting over a
bind error from a peice of software I want to use is wasting too much



Brett Robson 
Systems Administrator
Phone: 03-3239-6856    International: +81-3-3239-6856

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