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[tlug] Re: Fwd: Re: Suse blues-progress?

paul arenson wrote:

> My current work directory?  I just download them to the desktop and then
> what do I do? I have not set up any other identities or directories.

In the shell you an see you work directory using "pwd" and usually it's
also shown in the prompt, which is most often

One directory - your home directory - is special and is displayed as
'~' instead of the directory name.  The home directory is usually
"/root" for the root user and "/home/username" for normal users.

For example, your normal unpriviledged username is arenson, your
computers hostname is "usen-221x242x10x37" (did I mention you chose
quite a weird hostname?), so after opening Konsole your prompt
is ">" because you are still in your home
directory.  You should have a "Desktop" subdirectory in your home
directory ("ls" will list your directories).

> I must have two passwords because last night I changed the "root" password,
> which seems to allow things like updating my system, but for some reason
> the password to log on to the computer in the first place remains the
> same.

Yes, each user has his own password.
As you have to user accounts (priviledged root and unpriviledged arenson)
you have two passwords (which _should_ be different, this is not
enforced by the system, but it's a bad idea to have them be the same).

Tobias						PGP:
Be vigilant!

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